Having arthritis or a handicap can be a constant challenge. It can make many aspects of life more difficult, including making the daily routine of walking your dog tougher and less enjoyable than it should be. Softlines aims to make your life a little easier in that aspect.

Arthritic & Handicap Friendly Dog Leashes

With Softlines’ Arthritic and Handicap Friendly Dog Leashes, walking your dog just became as easy and fun as it should be! These leashes are designed to meet the needs of various disabilities; you no longer need to worry about your Golden Retriever getting too excited or your German Shepherd pulling too strongly and hurting you in the process. Arthritic and Handicap Friendly Dog Leashes secure safely around your waist or across your shoulder while you walk your dog, meaning no more pain in arthritic hands while you walk! The leash being around the waist also means you have both hands free, perfect for drinking that cup of coffee while talking on the phone with a friend. This leash can also be easily attached to a wheelchair, once again keeping your hands free for use!

Arthritic and Handicap Friendly Dog Leashes are designed with you in mind for ultimate comfort and easiness of use! You don’t want to miss them!