Breathable Mesh Duffle Storage Bags for Boating Lines

It’s time to ditch the soggy, torn storage bags that you’ve been using and time to upgrade! Soft Lines’ Mesh Storage Duffle Bags for Boating Accessories are the premier storage bags to utilize on your boat.

Mesh Duffle Storage Bags for Boating Lines

 These bags are the exact products trusted by scuba divers, who require high performance equipment in and out of the water. With an open size of approximately 30” long and 15” in diameter, Soft Lines’ boating duffle bags have everything you need in a bag while on that boating excursion.

The mesh duffle bag is perfect for storing your many dock lines and mooring lines. The added bonus of having a mesh bag is the super quick and easy ability to wash or rinse your dock and mooring lines and storing them in your bag to breathe and air-dry, no longer having to worry about your lines getting that odd smell from being cooped up in a non-breathing bag.  Each bag features a strong, built-to-last zipper and “hook and loop” closure on the handle for a quick, easy way to transport.

So upgrade your boat accessories starting with mesh boating duffle bags and keep your dock organized!