Benefits Of Dog Harnesses For Small Dogs | Soft Lines, Inc.

We all know that small dogs can sometimes have a napoleon complex. They are fearless and unfazed by their size and are willing to play with or take on anyone! When smaller dogs pull on their leashes and collars, we cannot exert the same amount of force to try and control them as with larger dogs. If we were to pull on the leash to try to gain control it could hurt the smaller dog and we definitely do not want that! Smaller dogs lack the neck strength to properly use a collar and leash without causing them neck pain and possible respiratory problems. Because of the smaller size of dog breeds such as Chihuahuas and Pugs, their windpipe is also smaller, and a collar is more likely to cause problems with the dog’s breathing. With Soft Lines' dog harnesses for small dogs you have better control of your pet and lower the chances of respiratory or trachea problems which are common in small dogs.

small dog harnesses

Another great benefit of using small dog harnesses is that walking the dog will be safer for you and your pet. Small dogs can easily wiggle out of simple collars due to there being a need for space between the collar and the neck. With a small dog harness, your pet is more secure and less likely to wiggle out and run into potentially dangerous areas. When your pet wears a harness it keeps other pets you may encounter on your walk easier to avoid if they look or act aggressive as you will have total control over your dog.

Our small dog harnesses are self-adjusting and are available in two sized: 8" to 10" neck size or 10" to 14" neck size. Both neck size models are available in 4', 6', 8', and 10' lengths to give you a wide variety of distance for you and your pet. Our harnesses come in a variety of different colors, and are made of a soft polypropylene rope material that is soft to the touch and will not hurt your pet or cause irritation to their skin and hair.

By: Tom Gazdik