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Choosing the right dog hunting collars and hunting dog leashes could mean the difference between a nice day out and a possible tragedy. In order to keep your hunting dog safe you will need to ensure you’re using brightly colored and strong materials for all of your dog hunting accessories. Soft Line’s dog hunting collars and hunting dog leashes are made from a multi-filament polypropylene rope which makes them extremely soft and flexible. Compared to traditional nylon or leather leashes and collars, Soft Line’s leashes and collars have a great feel that will not hurt your hands or your dog. The multi-filament rope is water resistant and will not rot or mildew, so you can hunt in even the worst weather conditions. If it starts to rain – no problem! Soft Line’s leashes and collars will not break down like other leashes and will keep their shape and feel for a lifetime.

We know that hunting dogs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and that is why we offer our leashes and collars in many sizes with different lengths. Our leashes are also fully customizable so that each of your hunting dogs can have their own personal leash and color. Custom lengths and configurations are available by request.

All Soft Lines hunting dog collars, leads and leashes are proudly Made In America so you know you are getting the best possible quality. Take a look around our site today and see our huge selection of dog hunting collars and hunting dog leashes that are sure to make your hunting trip a success!