Dogs Love Soft Lines Dog Leashes | Soft Lines, Inc.

Dogs and dog owners alike are in love with leashes and leads from Soft Lines, Inc. Thoughtfully designed and manufactured with the needs of dogs and their masters in mind, Soft Lines products offer the highest level of functionality, durability, quality, control and comfort available on the pet supply market today.

No matter what kind of dog you have or the activities you enjoy together, Soft Line has a leash, lead, harness or collar solution that’s ideal for your lifestyle and the personality of your pup:

  • Well-Groomed – We all know that haircuts turn out best when the subject is calm and still. Enlist the help of the Groomingale harness and leashes to assist in giving your dog the full trimming and grooming treatment at home so that they can always look their best.
  • Playful and Outdoorsy – If your dog loves to run, play, roam and swim Soft Lines offers a variety of leashes, leads and collars to suit an active lifestyle that revels in the outdoors. Outdoor loving dog owners choose our hands-free leashes, extra long leashes, swimming leashes and hunting leashes to share their favorite activities with their furry companions.
  • In-Training – For dogs learning to mind their owners and follow directions, Soft Lines offers a full line of training leashes, leads and collars custom designed to assist in the education and discipline process.
  • High Fashion – For dogs and owners with an affinity for fashionable sparkle, Soft Lines offers rhinestone studded leashes and collars in a wide array of outfit enhancing colors.
  • Road-Trip Travelers – For dogs that are with you on-the-go, Soft Lines offers the automobile restraint harness and walker, this versatile product keeps your road dog safe in the car and doubles as a leash when you arrive at your destination.
  • Powerful and Exuberant – Large, strong and excitable dogs may require a leash, harness or collar that provides added control and security and considers the safety and comfort of both owner and pet. Soft Lines offers a full line of options including leashes with reinforced hardware, double handled safety leashes, short control leashes and harness walker leashes.
  • Pint-Sized Pups – Tiny dogs and puppies need specially sized equipment to ensure proper fit and safety, which is why Soft Lines offers the small dog mini harness walker to keep your little guy safe and snug.
  • Many Mutts – For dog owners with multiple dogs Soft Lines makes double dog leashes and leash splitters to make walking and playing with multiple dogs less chaotic. The swivel pivot keeps the leads untangled and allows for maximum motion with many dogs.

Shop our full catalog of dog leashes, leads, harnesses and collars to find the perfect product for your dog at great prices. Wholesale pricing is available for qualified buyers.

Tom Gazdik