Soft Lines, Inc. is located in Ashland, Wisconsin on the shores of Lake Superior. We manufacture rope products for the Pet, Dogs, Boats (Marine), Horses, Hunting and related markets. Using soft multifilament polypropylene rope in a variety of colors and diameters we custom manufacture the product to your specifications. We try to meet the needs of each market by offering a wide range of product selections and styles.

Custom designs are part of our offering and we welcome these requests. Often times meeting a personal need results in an item that offers a solution for a wide range of needs. A good example is the “Ultra-Lead” for dogs. Working with people with disabilities we addressed their concern for not being able to hold onto a leash with any force. This led to the hands free “Ultra-Lead” solution. Please share your needs with us.

All Soft Lines polypropylene ropes and line products are proudly Made In America (Wisconsin).