Lead Ropes For Horses | Soft Lines, Inc.

There are many options when it comes to lead ropes for horses and we know you want the best lead that money can buy. Soft Lines lead ropes for horses are made from an incredibly strong multifilament polypropylene material. These lead ropes are surprisingly soft and more flexible than nylon horse lead ropes, giving your horse more freedom to move about without causing it pain or discomfort. If you care for your horse and want to properly outfit him or her with a quality lead rope, then make sure you choose Soft Lines!

horse lead ropes

Soft Lines' lead ropes for horses have a great feel to them and are very easy to grip. This gives you the ultimate control over your horse while still maintaining comfort for both your hands and your horses' neck and face. They also have the added bonus of being water resistant, so they will never rot or mildew after heavy rain , giving you a versatile and long lasting horse lead rope. Due to the high quality polypropylene material used to weave these ropes, just the right amount of stretchiness is provided for your horse to comfortably go about their day and making sure the rope does not get in the way of their activities.

Because horses come in a variety of shapes and sized, Soft Lines' horse lead ropes come in both 1/2" and 5/8" diameter so you can choose whichever size will most comfortably fit your horse. Along with different sizes, we offer many colors to choose from, as well as custom embroidered and customized ropes. Show off your horse's personality with different colored ropes and put their name on display!