Fishing Rod Safety Line Keeps Your Rod Secure | Soft Lines, Inc.

Fishermen can protect their rods and reels with Soft Lines' Fishing Rod Safety Line. Built with high quality stainless steel hardware, they're the perfect safety accessory for bait casting reels, spinning rods and reels, and saltwater trolling reels.

Fishing Rod Safety Line

Our fishing rod safety line features a 9" cleat loop on one end and a stainless steel spring hook on the other end. No matter where you love to fish, Soft Lines, Inc. can help keep your fishing rod secure. These safety lines have excellent qualities for both offshore saltwater and deep sea fishing, as well as inland freshwater fishing.

Soft Lines' fishing rod safety lines are available in many different colors and are manufactured from the highest quality multi-filament polypropylene rope. This makes them softer and more flexible than nylon lines or nylon webbing tethers to ensure you get the best rope on the market to keep your rod secure. The lines float in water and are easy to grip too, not causing rope burn to your hands and making them easy to retrieve if they fall overboard. These lines release knots easier than nylon or cotton safety straps and will stay pliable even in cold conditions making packing up easy and hassle-free. The custom woven safety line has built-in stretch material and will not splinter or sliver like a nylon reel safety line making this a line that will last you a lifetime.

Soft Lines' Reel Safety Lines are offered in 2', 3', 5', 10' and 15' lengths. Fishermen can customize and personalize their reel safety line for free with Soft Lines' online options. Prices start at $19.50.

By: Tom Gazdik