Long Dog Leashes For Extra Freedom | Soft Lines, Inc.

Dog owners often look for an extra long dog leashes, but can't always find them. Offering the popular lengths of 8' and 10', Soft Lines customizes leash length up to 50'. Now dog owners can let their pets enjoy the great outdoors, while still keeping their faithful companion secure in any environment.

Many retailers offer 4' and 6' leashes, but with Soft Lines' Extra Long Dog Leashes, owners can exercise their dog in public areas while keeping them secure. These leashes are available in snap, slip and swim versions. Giving your dog the option to explore and stir their natural instinct to sniff and discover is great for both their exercise and their playtime! Soft Lines long dog leashes allows your pets this comfort while keeping them safe!

Soft Lines dog leads are made from flatweave or round-solid braided polypropylene rope, which is softer than Nylon leashes. This makes them safer for a dog and easier on users' hands. Slip leashes are designed for easy on and off usage and feature a simple-to-adjust snugger to secure the leash to the dog. Snap leashes feature a high-quality clip that easily attaches to a dog collar. Swim leashes float on the water so dogs don't get tangled as they play in the water, and the added length allows them to swim farther yet still be within a safe distance from you.

Our Dog Leashes are available in sizes from 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4" and are offered in many different colors. Soft Lines offers free custom labeling on all 3/8" and above leads. Prices for an 8' leash start at $12.70 and wholesale prices are available.

Tom Gazdik