Harnesses Keep Dogs Safe & Comfortable During Grooming

Groomers need to be humane when they restrain dogs for grooming procedures. Soft Lines offers a versatile, easy-to-use, gentle dog grooming harness that adjusts to any dog's needs and any groomer's style.

The Groomingdale dog grooming harness is made from a custom woven, multi-filament polypropylene material that is extremely soft, durable and washable. These harnesses are designed for use on the grooming table, in the tub, on the floor, or leading the dog from one grooming area to another.

Dog Grooming Harness

The patent-pending Groomingale eliminates the harsh pinching forces that are exerted with existing noose restraints. This design floats when the dog pulls on the harness and distributes the load evenly over the dog's body.

Groomers can choose from a neck-only harness, a belly-only harness or combine the neck restraint with the belly restraint. Soft Lines also offers the Double Grooming harness and restraint, which incorporates all of the features of the two single units into a one-piece design.

The harnesses are offered in small, medium and large sizes with custom sizes also available. Prices for Soft Lines Groomingale Grooming Harnesses range from $14.95 to $19.95.

Tom Gazdik
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Christopher 08/04/17 08:35:39 PM

Animals should be treated well and must not be harmed by any mean. Taking care of their comfort is a very kind act. I really like this site because they are doing a good job.

Alison 08/25/17 07:24:24 AM

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Alina 08/25/17 02:10:22 PM

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Cheryl 09/12/17 10:44:18 AM

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