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New dog grooming supplies from Soft Lines Inc., a versatile, easy to use gentle dog grooming harness restraint that adjusts to any dog's needs and any groomer’s style. The "Groomingale" dog grooming harness is made from a custom woven soft multi-filament polypropylene material that is extremely soft, durable and washable. These "Groomingale" harnesses are designed for use on the grooming table, in the tub, on the floor, or leading the dog from one grooming area to another. The design "floats" when the dog pulls on the grooming harness and distributes the load evenly over the dog’s body.

You can choose from a Neck only harness, a Belly only harness or combine the Neck restraint with the Belly restraint or choose the Double Grooming harness and restraint. For custom size Dog grooming harnesses please Call or Contact us.

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