The Best Horse Trailer Tie Downs In Town

It is very important to keep your horse safe and stress free while being transported. Being confined in a trailer can be very stressful for horses but there are ways to help keep them under control. One of those ways is by using horse trailer ties instead of lead ropes. Lead ropes are great for use outside of the trailer but can often cause your horse to get tangled or the rope can come out of the side openings of the trailer posing a danger to other drivers on the road. Horse trailer tie downs help keep your horse as secure as possible while also adding comfort due to Soft Lines’ soft polypropylene material that is softer and more flexible than traditional trailer ties.

Trailer Ties For Horses

When tying your horse, it helps if you do not tie them too low or high. Your horse should always be able to move its head freely and naturally while inside of your transport trailer. If your horse is tied too low, it will be unable to move its head to balance itself during your ride or can put one of its legs through the rope and cause it to get tangled and stressed. Road safety is the most important thing when traveling with a horse in a trailer so ensure you drive within the speed limit and avoid rough roads. A horse that is stressed or panicked can fight or pull against their restraints and can injure itself or its handler.

Soft Lines’ horse trailer ties come in both ½” and 5/8” and come in many colors. We also include a free personalization and custom labeling on our horse trailer ties so your ties can match your (or your horse’s) favorite color!

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