Rhinestone Dog Leashes For Stylish Pets

Some owners and their pets enjoy adding a touch of sparkle to their everyday activities. Soft Lines' Rhinestone Dog Leashes are beautifully jeweled for a luxurious, yet fun look.

Rhinestone Dog Leashes

These rhinestone leashes are made from 3/8" wide flat-weave braided polypropylene rope. They are embellished with clear rhinestone rivets and nickel-plated banding to reinforce seams, as well as a nickel-plated clip for a fancy look. These leads are very soft to the touch and easy to grip. They are mildew and rot resistant and stay flexible in any weather.

Matching collars with nickel plated hardware are also available. The buckle is infinitely adjustable throughout the range of the collar for a perfect fit.

Soft Lines' Rhinestone Dog Leashes are offered in nine beautiful colors. Prices start at $21.10. Wholesale prices are available.

Soft Lines, Inc. is located in Ashland, Wisconsin and manufactures rope products for the pet, dog, marine, horse, hunting and related markets. Using soft multifilament polypropylene rope in a variety of colors and diameters, the company custom manufactures products to meet particular specifications.

By: Tom Gazdik

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