Keep Dogs Secure With Durable, Self-Adjusting Harnesses

Dog harnesses are a safe and stable way to stay connected to a pet. Soft Lines' Adjustable Dog Harness is on/off designed, making them very easy to use.

Self Adjusting Dog Harness The new patented Harness Walker features a simple over the head self-adjusting collar for quick restraining of a dog. The second step is to loop the loose end of the harness under the chest of the dog and snap it onto the free sliding ring. This design floats when the dog pulls on the leash and distributes the load evenly over the dog's chest and neck area making it the most comfortable dog harness available. A sliding device adjusts the snugness of the harness after attaching the chest loop.

Soft Lines also offers harnesses specifically for use in vehicles and for small dogs. The lengths of the harness rope ranges from 4' to 10'. The harnesses fit dog necks from 4" to 22".

Soft Lines' Harness Leashes are easy to grip, lightweight and simple-to-clean. In cold conditions, they'll stay pliable and will not sliver. Soft Lines' leads release knots easier than nylon or cotton due to the expertly designed rope. Soft Lines' offers the best soft dog harness for your furry friends!

Soft Lines Self-Adjusting Dog Harness Leashes start at $24.30 with wholesale prices available. They come in many different color choices and Soft Lines offers free custom labeling.

By: Tom Gazdik
  • Posted on   10/30/13 at 11:13:30 AM   by Dustin  | 
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Shameria 08/08/17 02:47:29 PM

Dog has been kept secure and safe by the efforts of the master. The visits of the have been imparting knowledge and all informative sources for the success and such efforts of the humans.

Alison 08/25/17 11:28:54 AM

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