Swim Leashes Let Dogs Safely Enjoy The Water

When at a beachfront dog park, most dogs want to play and swim in the water. But, leash laws force owners to use short leashes that restrict a dog's freedom to play. Soft Lines' Dog Leashes for Beaches helps solve this problem as they are extendable dog leads that allow your pet to play.

Constructed from soft, multifilament, polypropylene rope, these leashes float on the water. This means they don't put excessive drag on the dog when swimming and won't pull a dog under like nylon or cotton rope leads that sink. Also, because the swimming leash floats, it won't become tangled up in the dog's legs while swimming and remains highly visible.

UV-resistant and colorfast, Soft Lines' Leashes for Beaches shed water easily. They're also mildew and rot resistant. The open design of the spring snap doesn't clog up with sand or dirt and the stainless steel material keeps it rust free. The snap comes in different sizes to match the leash diameter requirement.

Using the swim leash protects a dog from swift currents in lake and stream areas. Dogs are also safeguarded against riptides when used on ocean fronts.

Dog Leashes For Beaches

Soft Lines also offers the Swim Slip Leash, which doesn't require hardware and has an adjustable snugger to help prevent the leash from slipping over the head of the dog. An optional nylon mesh bag is available to store extra-long swim leashes.

Popular leash lengths include 20', 30', 40' and 50'. Custom lengths are available upon request. All Soft Lines leash products are machine or hand washable. Free custom labels are offered on every leash, except 1/4" diameters.

Prices for Soft Lines' Leashes for Beaches start at $17.10 for a 20' lead with 1/4" diameter. Wholesale pricing is available.

Tom Gazdik
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