Soft Lines & Animal Planet

Softlines worked with Animal Planet to produce an educational commercial for dog owners. The commercial shows:

  • How dog owners using SoftLines leashes can walk two dogs at a time without the leases wrapping around and tangling.
  • Shows the features of using the Martingale and Snap leashes, where comfort and safety are primary considerations.
  • Promotes features of SoftLines leashes including flexibility, softness and ease-of-use.
  • Notes that SoftLines leashes won't rot or mildew.
  • Reminds viewers that SoftLines leashes make good gift choices.
  • How SoftLines leashes can be personalized for your special family pet.

View Our Commercial as seen on Animal Planet

Tom Gazdik
  • Posted on   02/09/10 at 11:44:22 AM   by Nick  | 
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Reader Comments (4)

Jean 08/05/10 06:03:21 PM

Jackson, my Goldendoodle, gets so excited when he meets people he actually hurt his throat with an ordinary collar. He would cough and gag before he would stop pulling. It was a problem I couldn't correct in the year since I adopted him. When I saw the Harness Walker, I thought what a great design, and it is so cool looking.

It works wonderful, it is easy to put on, it is so much easier to control him and he behaves much better with the Harness Walker. It puts pressure on his chest and neck equally and does not hurt his throat.

I highly recommend the Harness Walker. The handle and lead is very comfortable to the touch as well as comfortable to the dog. And it fits beautifully with all his curls!

Thank you for this wonderful design.

Taurus 07/25/17 06:04:40 AM

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Jeejoh 08/01/17 06:20:38 PM

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Brodie 11/22/17 10:58:22 AM


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