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Soft Lines can create, print and sew your business name/logo on the products FREE OF CHARGE!

We welcome inquiries for custom work and designs. Please call us 715-682-3774 or email us with the details of your custom project.

We Welcome Custom Work Inquires!

Custom Labled Dog Leashes - DakotaCustom Labeled Boat Lines - Wave Chaser

Other Personalized Custom Label Examples!

Choose Your Custom Label Font Style!

Soft Lines allows you to personalize the label on the product you buy FREE OF CHARGE! Put your name and phone number, your dog or horse's name, the name of your boat, your company name, whatever you want. You are allowed up to two lines, with up to 15 characters per line. Soft Lines will use their best judgment regarding the font size and spacing. Below you will find examples of font styles and what the personalized rope or line custom label might look like.

Available Font Styles

Personalized Label Examples

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