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Custom build your own personalized dog collars and leashes. Customize your dog rope slip leashes and snap leashes with your dog’s name, including dog training leashes and specialized dog leashes for two dogs and large dogs. Dog harnesses are available for small and large dogs. A dog harness has been designed for use as a dog restraint in conjunction with your vehicles seat belt. Specialized dog leashes for comfort are available as martingale dog leashes, “UltraLead” multi-purpose dog leashes and multi-function dog leashes for training, jogging, and outdoor activities. All dog collars and leashes are available in customized colors and lengths that meet the needs of your dog.

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Dogs - Slip Leashes
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Dogs - Wholesale Pricing
Soft Lines Inc. Wholesale Pricing List Wholesale pricing is available on all of Soft Lines, Inc. proprietary products*. All of our products are manufactured in Ashland, Wisconsin. Soft Lines...More Details »
Dogs - Dog Collars
Dog collars and control collars are available in flat weave and round rope designs. All our dog collars can be matched to customized dog snap leashes. Our soft and flexible dog collars move...More Details »