Soft Lines Inc. - 3/4" Flat Weave Dog Slip Collars (Polypropylene)

Slip Control Dog Collars - 3/4" Flat Weave Dog Slip Collars (Polypropylene)

Soft Lines 3/4 inch flat weave slip collars for Dogs (sometimes referred to as Choke Collars or Control Collars) are made from multifilament polypropylene rope making these dog slip collars extremely soft and more flexible than Nylon slip collars, and have a great feel. Multifilament polypropylene slip collars are water resistant and will not rot or mildew. Along with its high yield strength, the rope has just the right amount of stretch woven into it as your dogs exerts pressure and will not bind on your dogs neck.

These 3/4 inch flat weave Dog slip collars are available in many colors and can be matched to customized dog snap leashes. Custom lengths and configurations are available by request. Click here for Wholesale Inquiries.

All Soft Lines dog slip collars are proudly Made In America (Wisconsin).

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