Soft Lines Inc. - "Patented" Dog Leash & Harness Assembly

Dogs - "Patented" Dog Leash & Harness Assembly
New from Soft Lines Inc., a very easy to use on/off designed self-adjusting dog harness and leash. The new patent pending "Harness Walker" features an easy over the head self-adjusting collar for quick restraining of your dog. The second step is to loop the loose end of the dog harness under the chest of your dog and snap it onto the free sliding ring. This design "floats" when the dog pulls on the dog leash and distributes the load evenly over the dog’s chest and neck area. We have provided an adjustable sliding device to snug the dog leash harness up after attaching the chest loop.

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Dogs - "Patented" Dog Leash & Harness Assembly - Dog Harness Walker